Image Credit: Spotify

What is a Blend on Spotify? It’s a shared playlist, and now you can make one with a group – as well as Blend with artists including BTS.

Blend on Spotify is a shared playlist that uses Spotify’s personalisation algorithm to squash together your music tastes with another user, creating a fun and unique playlist. With the latest update comes an expansion of the feature in two new ways – group playlists and artist Blends.

Spotify has expanded the sharing feature to more than two users. Whether a Premium or Free subscriber, you can now make a Blend with up to 10 friends. Also, users can now Blend with artists, not just other users – and consequently see how your favourite tracks match with the music taste of an artist you’re a big fan of.

Everyone’s music taste will be reflected in the collaborative playlist. Spotify suggests that groups like book clubs and sports teams can make a personalised playlist and share it with each other.

How to make a group Spotify Blend

Get started by searching for Blend on the Spotify app. Hit Invite to select who to include in the group. You can choose up to 10 people in total.

The Blend playlist will show you which songs come from which user’s listening habits. Recommendations will echo the taste of each account, based on what they’ve listened to in the past.

A customised share card makes for easy sharing on socials.

How to make an artist Blend

Not all artists on Spotify are available to Blend with, but follow the links below to create a combined playlist from a selection of 20 artists:

Seeing an artist’s music taste gives a peek into the musical inspirations that shape their songwriting.

After merging playlists, users receive a card revealing the percentage of similarity with the artist. That card can be easily shared on your social media, like Twitter or Instagram.

Group Blends seem to be another step towards making Spotify a more social experience for the user, as well as bringing fans closer to their favourite artists.

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