Is RouteNote better than Amuse?

Amuse hide many major streaming services and basic features behind a paywall. RouteNote gives artists of all sizes the features they need.

Music distribution to Facebook & Instagram – RouteNote and TuneCore compared

Both RouteNote and TuneCore distribute to Facebook & Instagram, however in every instance, RouteNote is better for the artist.

Teo Mandrelli’s latest track ‘Gone’ featured on NetEase

EDM artist Teo Mandrelli’s latest release ‘Gone’ is making waves and we love to see it.

How To Distribute Content ID For Free

With Content ID on YouTube and Facebook, anytime your music is used in videos we’ll be able to ensure you are earning your rightful revenues from it.. for FREE.

What’s an EP and what does EP stand for?

While there is no standardised rule for how many tracks constitute an EP, it is important to know how many tracks we consider an EP for RouteNote Premium users. In the music industry, EP stands…

How to keep 100% of YouTube Content ID revenues

With RouteNote you can upload your music to YouTube’s Content ID system and keep 100% of the revenues generated. YouTube Content ID scans the entire video platform for any instances of your music being used….

Top 5 Label Distributors 2021

Online music distributors are a great solution for unsigned artists to publish their music to stores and streaming services, but distributors can be a great way for label managers to control their catalogue. A digital…

How to monetize tracks on SoundCloud for free

Your handy guide on what monetization on SoundCloud is, how to enable it and the benefits of being part of RouteNote’s SoundCloud Network. Monetization on SoundCloud is the process of earning money from plays on…