Reels vs TikTok – Facebook Reels rolls out in the US

Image Credit: Facebook

TikTok rival Instagram Reels is coming to Facebook – with added potential for creators to be paid for making viral videos.

Facebook users in the US can now create Facebook Reels. The new feature is rolling out of beta on iOS and Android.

Facebook Reels let users make short-form videos with music and effects – basically the same as Instagram Reels… which are basically TikToks.

Reels are created on the Facebook app and shared in the user’s News Feed or Facebook Groups, reaching beyond existing followers in a dedicated Reels section. Users can hit “Create” in the Reels section to get started.

Image Credit: Facebook

Sharing Instagram Reels to Facebook is apparently being tested, so Instagram creators can have their reels recommended to followers on Facebook too.  

Interestingly, Facebook is also launching a “bonus program” across both Facebook and Instagram, so creators can earn money if their reels perform well on the platforms. Initially invite-only, the scheme will start in the US and expand worldwide. Facebook wasn’t forthcoming with the exact details of how the program works, but invited those interested to sign up for monetisation tools from this page.

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