Music for Twitch streams playlist features RouteNote release by Ducka Shan

Image Credit: Twitch

“I Find You,” released through RouteNote, has been added to Soundtrack by Twitch EDM playlist SoundPls – and the artist, Ducka Shan, features on the cover.

Congratulations to Ducka Shan, featured artist on Soundtrack by Twitch playlist SoundPls!

SoundPls is a playlist of dance and electronic tracks, part of Twitch’s Soundtrack feature. Soundtrack by Twitch gives streamers an easy option to choose exciting music as a backdrop to their Twitch stream.

What music is allowed on Twitch depends on rightsholders, but all tracks on Soundtrack are licensed so there’s no threat of takedowns for streamers. Streamers can check out the SoundPls playlist here.

LA-based Vietnamese American producer and DJ Duckha Shan has racked up millions of plays across streaming services, releasing house music through various labels in different styles from electro-pop to chill house.

“I Find You,” featured track on SoundPls, was released by Enforce Records through RouteNote. Previous RouteNote releases to feature on Soundtrack by Twitch playlist covers include artists like Arc North and ZOOTAH.

Discover the Twitch Spotify playlist below. Listeners can discover the tracks on Spotify, but Twitch streamers must use Soundtrack to stream music rather than via the Spotify playlist.

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