Avid has introduced a new clip-oriented music production mobile app called Pro Tools Sketch.

Bundled in with the latest Pro Tools 2023.9 update, Pro Tools Sketch simplifies the creation process for Pro Tools users making loops and beats.

Pro Tools Sketch

Akin to Ableton Note, Pro Tools Sketch is centred around a non-linear workflow using clips and scenes to produce loops. As we’ve seen with Ableton Note, this approach has gained popularity among mobile beatmakers who need a flexible workflow.

At the core of the Sketch window lies the clip launcher, a grid featuring columns and rows. Each column represents an independent track with its own mixer settings and plugins, and you can manage up to sixteen audio or instrument tracks.

Avid Pro Tools Sketch. Image Credit: CDM

Meanwhile, audio tracks are present for audio clips while instrument tracks are intended for MIDI clips… much like Ableton. You can play only one clip per track, and they can access the editor by double-clicking a clip.

The rows in Sketch represent scenes, which are collections of clips organized to form sections of a song. Therefore, users can trigger entire rows of clips by selecting a scene rather than triggering individual clips. Additionally, Sketch offers a scene arranger for adjusting the length of a scene, therefore making it possible to create an entire song within one scene or work on individual sections.

One of the biggest features of Pro Tools Sketch is its seamless integration with the traditional Pro Tools DAW software. Consequently, you can transfer your creations effortlessly between Sketch and the original DAW, making it easy to capture musical ideas and develop them fully within Pro Tools.

Avid Pro Tools Sketch. Image Credit: CDM

Pro Tools Sketch also offers an iPad app, making it accessible to users who prefer a touchscreen interface. The iPad app, compatible with iPadOS 16.0 and later, enhances the creative immediacy of Sketch.

While Pro Tools Sketch won’t be replacing comprehensive free DAWs, it’ll serve you well when capturing musical ideas and streamlining your creative process. In fact, Sketch even includes a rich library of preloaded loops, virtual instruments, and effects, giving you a wide range of creative resources.


Pro Tools Sketch is included with the Pro Tools 2023.9 update and is accessible to all subscribers and perpetual license holders with Software Updates and the Support Plan. The Sketch iPad app is available for free download from the Apple App Store.