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Known for its contributions to the world of electronic music, the infamous synthesizer manufacturer Moog Music has reportedly implemented a significant round of layoffs at its Asheville manufacturing factory.

The move follows the company’s acquisition by inMusic earlier this year, and the exact number of jobs affected remains unclear at this time.

Moog Music moving production to Taiwan

Moog Music’s acquisition by inMusic in June 2023 marked a significant change in the company’s ownership and operational structure. inMusic owns a portfolio of music technology brands, including Akai, Alesis, M-Audio, and Numark, among others.

Sources indicate that more than half of the existing positions at Moog Music, including most of the roles related to instrument production, have been eliminated. While the precise number of layoffs is yet to be confirmed, reports suggest that around 30 jobs may have been cut, significantly impacting the workforce responsible for crafting Moog’s legendary synthesizers.

Moog’s acquisition by inMusic brought an end to Moog Music’s era of employee ownership, which had been in place since 2015 after the company adopted an employee stock ownership plan. Throughout this period, employees played a pivotal role in the decision-making process and company direction.

The layoffs also come in the wake of earlier efforts by Moog Music employees to unionize in 2022. Workers sought job security and improved wages, aiming to raise the hourly wage from $14.10 to $17.70. However, it is unclear whether these wage goals were met before the recent layoffs.

Most notably, Moog Music’s synthesizers have been exclusively manufactured in Asheville, North Carolina, since the company’s establishment. However, it is now anticipated that a significant portion of Moog’s synthesizer production will shift to Taiwan. Although this move surely looks to cut costs, Moog’s Western fan base may feel it a shame that Moog is leaving such a heritage behind.

While Moog Music has not officially commented on the situation, reports indicate that former employees have confirmed the layoffs through social media posts. Some posts suggest that these changes will have a profound impact on the company, signalling a transformation in its identity and operations.

It remains to be seen how Moog Music, under its new ownership, will navigate these changes and continue to shape the landscape of electronic music production.