BandLab are leading the way for creators as consumers in the music realm, announcing an astonishing 7 figure userbase around the world.

BandLab are changing the landscape of music creation with their free, accessible music-making program blowing up around the world. BandLab has just surpassed 100 million users worldwide, representing a huge userbase of music creators who otherwise might not be making music.

BandLab is an open and easy to use music software that enables users of any skill level to play with the world of music creation and production. Many of the world’s most popular apps and platforms are based around making consumers creators; TikTok encourages its users to watch and create, Instagram operates on accounts both viewing and liking others content whilst also uploading their own posts. BandLab is doing a similar thing for the music scene.

BandLab’s platform encourages everyone to give music creation a go. Their platform also integrates a social element, encouraging collaboration and feedback to expand users’ creations into something they share and build upon.

BandLab write: “This story is not just about a number; it’s about the next generation of music creators.” Their CEO, Meng Ru Kuok adds: “It’s funny when you get to these large milestones, especially something like 100 million, which is slightly hard to fathom in terms of the scale of the number. I think that’s just the result of how fast things have grown.”

Kuok goes on to say: “Seeing artists go on to major labels and independent labels is a great, great joy and success for us. Our relationship with an artist doesn’t end when they progress in the industry.”

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