Antares’s 11th iteration of Auto-Tune offers a new Harmony Engine, Auto & Graph Modes, enhanced MIDI capabilities and more!

Antares has released the latest iteration of its world-famous Autotune software, Auto-Tune Pro 11. Offering a slew of new features and enhancements to existing features, Auto-Tune Pro 11 offers an augmented workflow for producers & vocalists.

Upgraded features & meticulous shaping

Firstly, its integration of the Harmony Engine is Auto-Tune Pro 11’s standout feature. Harmony Engine makes for easy creation and manipulation of harmonies, and you can create four-part harmonies in the Harmony Player module of the engine. meticlious

You can mix these and trigger them via MIDI for dynamic, cvinstrument-like playability too. Auto-Tune’s updated MIDI mapping capabilities also simplify assigning MIDI controllers to parameters in the software.

Harmony Engine offers intuitive controls for formant, pan, and level adjustments, and make it easy to craft intricate harmonies with precision and finesse, while advanced mix options offer unparalleled control over vocal textures.

Furthermore, Auto-Tune Pro 11 introduces two new modes: Auto Mode and Graph Mode.

In Auto Mode, you can easily make pitch corrections to ensure smooth vocal performances, while Graph Mode provides meticulous hands-on editing capabilities. Meanwhile, in Graph Modes, you can manually adjust individual notes and fine-tune parameters such as retune speed, vibrato, and formant on a note-by-note basis, offering unparalleled control over the pitch correction process.

With its support for ARA2 technology, Auto-Tune Pro 11 enhances workflow efficiency in DAWs like Pro Tools & Logic by enabling seamless exchange of audio data, tempo, pitch, and rhythm in real-time, thereby streamlining communication between plugin & DAW, enhancing collaboration between artists and producers.

Additionally, and perhaps a large selling point for the 11th iteration, the new Multi-View mode allows you to process multiple vocal tracks simultaneously within a single window. Meanwhile, its updated Presets Manager also offers exclusive artist presets and a refreshed user interface, making it easier to read, navigate and make edits.

Pricing & compatibility

A perpetual license of Auto-Tune Pro 11 is available online for $459, or you can subscribe to Antrares Unlimited for $14.33