YouTube have announced a brand new app for mobile video editing.

Gone are the days of snipping up rolls of film and gluing them together. Creating and editing videos has never been easier and YouTube propose that they can make creating your own expertly edited videos even more accessible.

YouTube have announced their new app YouTube Create. It’s an all-in-one video editing app that hopes to make it simple for users to splice together footage and modify their clips with ease.

YouTube shared a little on what users can do with the app:

The app offers video editing tools including precision editing and trimming, automatic captioning, voiceover capabilities and access to a library of filters, effects, transitions and royalty-free music with beat matching technology so that creators can produce their next YouTube video without relying on complex editing software. All this, right from their mobile phones.

Whilst YouTube have stated that YouTube Create will empower the creation of both regular, old YouTube Videos and YouTube Shorts, it looks as though the emphasis may be on creating YouTube Shorts with ease.

TikTok have seen huge success with their very own CapCut editing software, allowing user-friendly access to powerful video editing tools straight from their phone. It makes sense that YouTube want to offer their very own alternative.

What will be really interesting to see, is whether YouTube are able to offer something unique from TikTok’s CapCut. Competition breeds ingenuity, at least sometimes.

YouTube Create is a free app and is currently in beta on Android in select markets.