Image Credit: TechRadar

Spotify is working on its own remix features after the popularity of sped up/slowed down remixes of popular songs on TikTok.

Remixed songs on TikTok often evade copyright law, meaning the original artist doesn’t see any revenue from the remix. Spotify promises all remixes made using its new features will be linked to the original song, meaning the original artist is guaranteed to make revenue.

Sped-up versions / slowed-down remixes on TikTok

Spotify’s forthcoming remix features, as reported by the Wall Street Journal, will make it easy to speed up, slow down or mash up your favourite tracks, ready to use in videos on platforms like TikTok.

One of Spotify’s key objectives behind its remix features, other than to appeal to younger audiences, is to generate new revenue streams for artists. By providing tools for remixing songs on its platform, Spotify capitalizes on the popularity of viral trends on platforms like TikTok where sped-up songs have become ubiquitous.

As a result, the remix features address the challenge of unauthorized remixes that divert revenue away from rightsholders.

Spotify’s approach to remixing ensures that modified versions of songs are tied to the original track, thereby ensuring that artists receive proper compensation for their work. Unlike other platforms where remixes may evade copyright detection algorithms, Spotify’s remix features offer transparency and accountability, ensuring that artists are fairly compensated for their creativity.

While details about the pricing and availability of Spotify’s remix features are not yet available, speculation suggests that these tools will most likely be a feature of Spotify Premium, meaning they won’t be available to free users, or offered as an optional add-on.

The introduction of a “Music Pro” add-on, hinted at by recent code snippets in Spotify’s Android builds, may signal the integration of these remix features alongside other premium offerings like HiFi audio.

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