Image Credit: Deezer

New Deezer app gives artists and podcasters audience music insights and special features, to help artists track their release on Deezer and plan ahead.

Deezer have launched a brand new analytics tool for artists. The app, Deezer for Creators, is now available to download worldwide, helping artists see how their music is performing and improve the stream count of their releases.

Deezer for Creators is aimed at artists, podcasters, and professionals in the music business, giving them access to the same mobile app to track and analyse content. Providing an update to Deezer’s Analytics and Backstage platform, artists on Deezer can track the progress of their releases and use the data to improve their streaming results.

Artists can track their daily, weekly and monthly streaming data, and see charts split into categories like platforms, countries and gender.

Features include a shareable card so artists can connect with fans and share which playlist their track has been added to, much like Spotify For Artists’ Promo Cards. Artists can create track cards within a week of a new release.

Frédéric Antelme, Deezer’s Head of Content, said: “Data can often be overwhelming and perplexing. Our new Deezer for Creators app breaks it all down in an easy-to-read format that helps you plan your next step.

“Whether it’s to improve your results or plan ahead for your next big launch. It’s the only mobile app that provides artists with a success predictor tool to help you measure and adjust marketing plans accordingly.”

When a track is added to an editorial playlist, artists will receive a notification. Artists can also access Deezer for Creators on desktop. In celebration of the platform launch, Deezer are offering a discount to their HiFi subscription to creators who register for Deezer for Creators.

The app is available on iOS and Android, and artists can also access Deezer for Creators on desktop. Existing Deezer users can use their Backstage or Analytics login, whilst new users can sign up here.

For information on how to claim your artist profile on Deezer and across many more music platforms head to our article below.

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