Image Credit: IKEA

IKEA just announced their next product in collaboration with Sonos under their SYMFONISK line of WiFi speakers.

SYMFONISK is the line of products from furniture store IKEA and audio manufacturer Sonos. The two companies have been working together since 2017, combining IKEA’s home furnishing knowledge with Sonos’ expertise in creating high-quality sound experiences and speakers. By blending great sound with great design, SYMFONISK have released products including a bookshelf speaker and table lamp speaker. Announced yesterday, the next product to come from the partnership is the SYMFONISK picture frame WiFi speaker.

Image Credit: Sonos

With a compact and thin design, taking up a minimal amount of space, the picture frame has been built to blend in with the home and disguise the tech element. Sonos’ room-filling speaker and waveguide, to direct audio throughout the room, is hidden behind a piece of art. The frame itself comes in black or white, while the front art can be changed to give a fresh look. The picture frame can be hung with the self-levelling bracket horizontally or vertically, placed on the floor, or leaned against a wall with included feet that can be tucked away when not in use.

Around the back of the picture frame you’ll find hidden controls on the left side for play/pause and volume, as well as cord management to help discreetly run the cable out in several directions depending on the position of your outlet.

As with most other Sonos speakers, SYMFONISK picture frame connects over WiFi, with setup and controls found in the Sonos app. The speaker can be used individually or connected with other SYMFONISK or Sonos products. Two frames can be connected together for a stereo pair, with daisy chaining available to run only one power cord from the outlet. Stream music from over 100 services, or use AirPlay 2 from an iPhone, iPad or Mac.

The space-saving picture frame speaker can hang on its own on the wall as an eye-catching art piece, be matched with other art on the wall, be placed on a shelf or on the floor, leaning against the wall. The interchangeable fronts make it easy to choose a style that suits your individual home. As part of the growing IKEA Home smart range, this new speaker contributes to our ambition to enable the many to enjoy a smarter everyday life.

Stjepan Begic, product developer, IKEA of Sweden

Each SYMFONISK speaker combines the Sonos sound experience with IKEA design in surprising new ways, creating products neither company would create alone. Sonos’ acoustic design means the picture frame speaker sounds amazing for such a compact shape, and the Sonos app means it is effortless to set up and effortless to use. This long-term collaboration continues to deliver exciting new ideas that will bring great listening experiences to homes across the globe – we look forward to delivering more unique products together in the future.

Sara Morris, Principal Product Manager, Sonos

SYMFONISK picture frame WiFi speaker will be available from 15 July for $199, with a selection of additional art designs from artist Jennifer Idrizi available for $19.99. Options will vary by market. You’ll find the speaker/art in IKEA stores and on in Europe and North America, with more regions to follow later. The Verge reported that a redesigned table lamp speaker is on the horizon too, with a spokesperson for IKEA confirming the report, saying “a new lamp is part of our plans, and we will share more when the time is right.”