Instagram are replacing the swipe up with link stickers

Image Credit: Souvik Banerjee

“Swipe up for more” will become “tap the link for more” from August 30th, as Instagram retire the swipe up feature in Stories.

In Instagram Stories, some creators were able to assign a swipe up with a link to an external site. This is commonly used for sponsored content, or to send fans to music, merch stores and ticket sales for example. Instagram have always restricted the swipe up feature to verified users or those with at least 10k followers. During testing in June, Instagram briefly allowed all users to attach links to a Story via a sticker. Although Instagram have since pulled the feature from all users, it seems they are sticking with stickers. From August 30th, Instagram have confirmed they will switch from swiping up to a tappable sticker for links.

Instagram said to The Verge that they are retiring swipe ups to “streamline the stories creation experience” and offer more “creative control” as users can customize the look of stickers. The switch will also allow users to respond to Stories with links, whereas this was previously impossible. Instagram are currently only allowing users who previously had swipe up privileges to add link stickers. The company said they are still evaluating rolling out the feature to more users, depending on the reception of link stickers. As stickers display the URL, there is less room for malicious attachments.

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