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What do YouTube pay per view / stream?

What does YouTube pay its creators for their videos and how much do artists earn from their music?

What royalties do music platforms collect?

We explore the different kinds of royalties artists can collect across music platforms and services.


    Hey there!

    I’m from RouteNote Artist
    If u can to request my instagram page to a verification blue tick


    Hi, Unfortunately we don’t provide Instagram verification. Hopefully you’ll hear from Instagram soon if you have applied for verification.

    i’m working in different field and I generally I can be considered as Artist,
    Should My profile be only as musician/band to be verified or i can just use artist for overall?

    Hi Stinson, you should put what you feel is the most applicable for your position. If it is a matter of ambiguous distinction then it shouldn’t matter too much what you choose, as between artist and musician/band. I imagine artist applies more for visual artists, so if you work in audio then musician/band might be most relevant role.

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