RouteNote – Revenue Sharing – Completely Free Automated Revenue Sharing and Accounting System for Artists and Labels

RouteNote has officially launched our Revenue Sharing program up to all RouteNote artists. Revenue Sharing allows artists to share royalties from any release with another artist within the RouteNote platform. Revenue Sharing is a completely automated system and you never need to worry about spending time and resource on difficult accounting ever again.

What is Revenue Sharing

Revenue Sharing is a completely automated accounting system within RouteNote. Revenue Sharing allows artists to share royalties from tracks and albums with any other artists, anywhere in the world.

Where Can I Find Revenue Sharing?

Revenue Sharing can be found within your RouteNote account under Artist Services > Revenue Sharing.

What Information is Required for Revenue Sharing?

Artists or Labels will need to have the release they want to Revenue Share already uploaded in the RouteNote platform. Once that is done, head over to the Revenue Sharing page where you will be asked for the following information:

  • UPC Code of the release
  • ISRC Codes for the releases
  • RouteNote Username/s of the accounts in which you want to split revenues with. (All artists need to have their own RouteNote account)
  • Percentages you wish to give each RouteNote artist

How Long Will It Take to Go Live? 

Each Revenue Split request is checked and then will be added automatically within 72 hours. Once added you will be able to see your releases live in your Distribution Page > Discography > Featured On section.

Will I Be Notified If It Doesn’t Go Live? 

Yes. You will only be notified if there is an issue with the Revenue Split request.


RouteNote aims to create useful tools for artists and labels alike and we hope that Revenue Sharing is a great addition to the platform. RouteNote is one of the very few digital music distributors that offer a completely automated revenue sharing system for artists and independent labels.

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    Greetings… I wanted to know something more about revenue sharing. What if the artist in want to share with is not registered to Routenote… Is there any other way they can get their royalties?

    Hello, the only way that we are able to split the revenues automatically on our side is by linking a release to another RouteNote account. They can simply create a free account and add their payment details if they don’t want to use their account for distribution so that you can link that account.

    Do I need to include my artist username with my split (the main artist) in addition to the other artists and their splits?

    Hi Stephen, you don’t need to put in your own percentage if you are the uploader. Whatever revenues are not included in the percentages that you list in the form for splitting your revenue will automatically go to the uploading artist.

    Can I makes changes to the revenue sharing after I submit it?
    For example, I have a song with 3 guest artists. Initially I only put the revenue split for 2 artists. A few months later the third artist signs up with Routenote and I want to add his/her username to the revenue sharing. Is this possible to make any changes after I submit the revenue sharing document? Thank you!

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