Top 10 most-liked classical Spotify playlists for studying

The most-followed classical, peaceful and calm instrumental background playlists on Spotify for studying and reading.

This list is partially based on Chartmetric’s genre tags for each of Spotify’s playlists.

1. Peaceful Piano

Genres: Classical

6.2 million likes

2. Classical Essentials

Genres: Classical

2.4 million likes

3. Intense Studying

Genres: Classical

2.3 million likes

4. Peaceful Guitar

Genres: Classical

1.8 million likes

5. Instrumental Study

Genres: Classical

1.5 million likes

6. Piano in the Background

Genres: Classical

1.3 million likes

7. Reading Soundtrack

Genres: Classical


8. Calm Vibes

Genres: Classical


9. This Is Mozart

Genres: Classical


10. Perfect Concentration

Genres: Classical


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