Douyin is China’s TikTok and is huge among China’s youth population, with over 400 million users. We can help get your music on the platform and earn revenue every time your track is used.

Douyin and TikTok are the largest social media platforms in the world right now, with TikTok alone boasting an incredible 1.5 billion users. We can help you capitalize on that, by publishing your music on TikTok and Douyin. Much like Instagram stories, creators can use your music and for each play you’ll receive revenue.

If you want your music to go large, it needs to be accessible by as many people as possible. RouteNote make this a reality by helping you distribute your track worldwide to all of the top social media and streaming stores (including Spotify, Apple Music, Instagram and many more). Be sure to select ‘TikTok’ in the stores selection and we’ll send your music to TikTok and Douyin. What’s more, it’s free!

Distribute your music through RouteNote for free and keep 85% of the revenue, or if you’d prefer, pay a small fee and keep 100%.