In 2020 there are more DAWs than you can throw a stick at but quality free options are still few and far between… Enter Behringer.

Behringer have officially confirmed that they’re creating their own digital audio workstation (DAW) for recording and producing music. Their ‘Music Tribe DAW’ won’t only be completely custom and full of samples and VSTs, but it will also be available completely free.

Details are currently limited – because they have to make the bloody thing first – but what we do know is very exciting. Their aim is to offer a bunch of in-built samples and wicked VSTs so that recording artists and DJs alike have a varied and powerful tool-set available right from the get go.

As the Behringer team admit themselves, this is a massive undertaking – at least if they want it to be any good it is. They are expecting that it will take them at least 18 months to create it with their newly assembled development team of “large” size. So we have a while to wait until we can try it out for ourselves.

They want the community to come together to provide recommendations and suggestions for what they’d like to see in a DAW and how they can make it the DAW that Behringer fans would truly want.

They say: “We would love to develop this together with you and hence encourage you to share your preferred platforms and features so we can consider your input”.

So if you’re excited and want to be involved in the final product of this potentially wonderful new DAW head over to Behringer’s social page and let them know what you’d like to see.