Coronavirus is cancelling events all around the world and Coachella are reportedly looking not to cancel but wait half a year to relaunch.

As the Coronavirus spreads to countries around the world it is having a harsh impact on events, festivals, conventions and any large gathering, really. Coachella are the latest rumoured to be re-considering plans to go ahead.

Coachella is one of the biggest festivals in the world and by that extension brings a lot of people from all over the globe into one space. AEG Presents and Goldenvoice are trying to reach a compromise in which the events organisers only postpone the huge festival by 6 months rather than cancel it.

Whilst reports are suggesting that they may settle on this half a year postponement, they haven’t committed and are expecting to give their final decision soon. They’re expecting that even if they decided to go ahead with the festival, the Riverside County health officials would call off the event themselves.

It would be a major shame for an event of such magnitude and notoriety to be cancelled, but would postponing it really be the answer? The issue isn’t just as simple as pushing the dates forward. Artists have their own schedules with gig and tour commitments, punters may have vastly different plans later in the year, the weather will be in an entirely different cycle.

We will have to see what they say when they finally announce their decision. It’s unlikely that it will go ahead, but I think it’s almost as unlikely that they will decide to delay it by 6 months and go ahead with it.