How to get your music featured on iTunes’ front page

As music streaming becomes the favourite method for listening to music iTunes still stands strong as the pioneer and leader for digital downloads. Getting your music on there is easy and being featured by Apple could be too.

We have been helping independent artists and labels get their music onto the world’s top streaming services and download stores for over 10 years, providing a free solution for anyone to get their music online worldwide. But once you’re online you want to be heard, so here are our tips on how to get yourself featured on the world’s favourite digital music store.

Upload your music to iTunes for free on RouteNote

The most important thing you need to do to have your chance at being featured on iTunes is get your music on there in the first place – of course. At we offer free music distribution to iTunes and all the other major streaming services and stores.

Plan your release date: If you want your music to go live on a specific date you can set the date when you upload with us. Planning forward can be a good idea for many reasons, including your chance of being featured on services.

Hype it: A release date gives you time to promote and build hype around your release. On iTunes when your release is uploaded fans can pre-order your music which makes it more likely that iTunes will see it as it makes sales. In addition it gives us more time with your music to recommend it to services.

You need to set your release date 28 days in the future from the date you create your release to ensure it has time to get prepared on each service for a timed release.

Pitch your track with RouteNote

If you’re distributing through RouteNote then you can pitch your music to us for consideration as a special selection. It’s as simple as filling in a form with a few details about your track and we’ll give it a listen and pitch it specially to be considered for a home page feature or to be included in some of the top playlists.

You can pitch your music to iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play and others through our simple form: RouteNote Pitching Form

We can’t promise that your music will be featured by iTunes but we can promise you the opportunity when you use RouteNote to get your music heard on all the top services around the world.

Get your music online on all of the worlds favourite music streaming services and download stores for FREE and keep 85% of all the money you make at Or check out our Premium tier and keep 100% your revenues for a small upfront cost.

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    Hi , I am releasing a single May 6 th and would like to know the steps I need to take if I want to be featured on iTunes ?

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