The Bose QuietComfort Ultra’s stand out as a top-tier contender among noise-cancelling headphones, and you can get them for a discounted price this Cyber Monday.

This Cyber Monday, Bose is offering an enticing deal where you can save $50 on these exceptional TWS headphones.

Unmissable Cyber Monday Savings

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are known for delivering unbeatable deals on electronics, and this year has been no exception.

Among the myriad of offers, the Bose QuietComfort Ultra headphones have taken centre stage with a noteworthy discount. Originally priced at $429, these premium noise-cancelling headphones are available for a limited time at $379 on Amazon.

This $50 price drop presents those looking for a solid pair of Bluetooth headphones with a golden opportunity to invest in some of the best out there.

Bose QuietComfort Ultra: a sonic marvel

Why should you consider the Bose QuietComfort Ultra wireless headphones?

Well, if you’re seeking the perfect audio companion for your home theatre, office, or your mobile device then Bose has consistently delivered excellence.

The QuietComfort Ultra boasts lossless, hi-res, and spatial audio capabilities. They’re therefore some of the most rounded headphones in the fast-paced TWS market.

Consequently, the revamped QuietComfort series introduces immersive audio experiences that make home theatres feel like a destination. The headphones create an enveloping ambience and enhance movie-watching and music-listening sessions.

Active noise-cancellation and immersive modes

TWS headphones like the QuietComfort series pack various listening modes and levels of noise cancelling that make them more versatile.

Bose QuietComfort Ultra boast active noise-cancellation modes (Quiet Mode, Aware Mode, and Immersion Mode), which cater to various scenarios where you may need more noise cancelling than others.

Therefore, no matter whether you’re making phone calls or indulging in a movie marathon, the QuietComfort Ultra adapts to your needs seamlessly.

The Immersion Mode combines full noise-cancellation with Bose Immersive Audio. This feature, reminiscent of spatial audio technologies from competitors like Sony and Apple, allows audio to move dynamically as you listen in a 360 space and creates a truly immersive sonic experience.

Comfort and battery life

As the name suggests, Bose prioritizes comfort (which of course is paramount in over-ear headphones), and Bose knocks the ball out of the park once again with the QuietComfort Ultra.

With their plush earcup cushions that provide a luxurious feel, you don’t need to worry about how comfortable your ears will be during extended listening sessions.

The QuietComfort Ultra manage an impressive 24 hours of battery playtime on a single charge, despite packing advanced features! A 15-minute charge yields an additional 2.5 hours of playback too.

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