AWAL’s tight submission process and revenue cuts make the music distribution service unsuitable for smaller and large independent artists.

AWAL are the music distributor previous under independent company Kobalt Music Group, before being acquired earlier this year by major record label Sony Music Entertainment. AWAL provide independent artists and labels with music distribution, analytics, marketing and other tools. The distribution company operates with an invite-only system. Artists can either be directly referred by someone AWAL trusts or submit to AWAL’s online A&R process. This locks artists just starting out, without an established audience, out of AWAL. Anyone, anywhere, with no budget can distribute their music with RouteNote, free of charge.

AWAL has three tiers that artists work up, starting with AWAL Core for artists building their fanbase. AWAL Core offers artists 85% of their revenue. AWAL+ is for artists on the verge, while AWAL Recordings offers a more familiar record deal for established artists. The latter two options require higher revenue cuts for AWAL, depending on the deal.

RouteNote has two tiers designed to suit artists of all sizes. Great for artists starting out, RouteNote Free has zero upfront of recurring costs, while artists keep 85% of the revenue. Suited to established artists, for a small fee RouteNote Premium allows artists to keep 100% of the revenue. AWAL has no option with those looking to keep all of their royalties generated.

While Sony starts to see the value of independent artists in the age of streaming, head to RouteNote today for the true independent music experience.