Image Credit: Spotify

You can now invite or remove specific users to collaborative playlists on Spotify, or set these playlists to private.

Collaborative playlists are a great way for multiple people to add to one playlist on Spotify. While the feature is loved by friends, families, housemates and offices, it can be abused by those outside of these circles. With no way to invite users, anyone could add, remove or reorder tracks on collaborative playlists.

Rolling out next week, Spotify are adding the ability to invite or remove users to collaborative playlists at any time. This addition will no doubt help spamming on your personal playlists from unwanted collaborators and help curators share permissions with team members, rather than share account details.

Alongside the new invite feature is the ability to set collaborative playlists to private. This means only you and collaborators will be able to see and stream the playlist.

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