Spotify globally update their iOS and Android apps to make it easier than ever to share your favourite track or podcast episode.

Over the past decade, social media has played an important part in artists’ promotional strategy to ensure organic growth. Fans too rely on social media to find their next favourite song. According to a survey of Spotify users, around 40% of music discovery is attributed to social channels. At no point has this been more prevalent than in the past year, where the pandemic has pushed us apart, but music and social media has kept connections between friends, families and fans alive.

Just in the past year, Spotify have made numerous changes to how artists and fans share music on the music streaming service, such as Group Sessions and Collaborative Playlists. Spotify’s latest update hopes to improve this experience for artists and fans around the world.

1. You’ve gotta hear this part: New podcast timestamp sharing

Starting today, Spotify users will be able to share a particular moment from a podcast episode using timestamp sharing. If you hear a moment in a show that your think your friend will love, simply tap the share icon while listening, then toggle the “Share from …” switch, before choosing your social platform of choice. Those receiving will only need to tap the link to jump straight to your favourite part.

Video Credit: Spotify

2. Going places: Canvas comes to even more platforms

Spotify Canvas turns regular album art into a new listening experience with looping video-art. In addition to being able to share the moving graphics from your favourite song to Instagram Stories, Spotify are adding this ability to Snapchat.

3. Sharing made simple: Canvas previews and a new clear layout

Finally, Spotify have also updated the sharing menu on the mobile app. The menu provides listeners with a clearer grid layout showing available messaging and social media destinations, that are dynamically populated based on the apps you have installed. Once you’ve chosen an app to share to, you can preview your social media post, such as visualizing how the Canvas will be presented on Instagram Stories or Snapchat.