A blue tick will show fans that your artist profile is the official page for your music on Spotify, here’s how to get verified.

To get the blue tick and show listeners that you’re the real deal you will need to sign up for Spotify for Artists. There are many more reasons to do this than just getting the blue tick such as the power to edit your artist page, send messages to fans, see your streaming performance and more.

Spotify for Artists allows artists or their management teams to claim their artist profile on the world’s top music streaming service. You will need a Spotify account first, which is easy to set up for free.

Apply to take control of your profile here and become a verified artist on Spotify.

Once they’re sure you’re the real deal then Spotify will give you access to your profile. It’s as easy as that, and there are no longer restrictions like a follower count you need before you have access so anyone can apply to take control of their Spotify profile.

Once you’re signed up with Spotify for Artists you will automatically be verified and the blue tick added to your profile, this may not be instantaneous.

With Spotify for Artists you can also:

  • View statistics about your music and fans
  • Update your artist profile image
  • Post playlists from your artist profile
  • Select your Artist’s pick