Track and manage your music credit statistics with Muso.AI

Free app Muso.AI allows music professionals and businesses to view and manage all of their music credits in one place.

Spotify’s biggest playlist Today’s Top Hits gets a rebrand and reveals the latest stats

Spotify shows off the rebrand and mond boggling numbers of the most popular playlists on the streaming service.

How can I distribute music for free?

With RouteNote, free distribution is easy, as well as several other key tools for independent artists and labels.

Spotify tripled the number of podcasts on the platform in a year

According to Spotify latest earnings calls, the number of podcasts on the platform was 2.2 million as of the end of 2020.

YouTube add a “First 24 hours” option to video analytics

A new metric in YouTube Studio allows creators to track how videos performed within the first 24-hours of being uploaded.

Spotify say over 60k artists surpassed 100k monthly listeners in 2020

Spotify’s post recapping the year for artists reveals two interesting stats that shows the growth in number of large artists on the platform.

SoundCloud’s 2019 revenue was up 37% year-on-year, with Q3 2020 as their first profitable quarter

A recent annual report on Companies House shows SoundCloud took €147.6m ($165.7m) in revenues in 2019, as well as a very impressive Q3 2020. The streaming platform reported its first ever profitable quarter in Q3…

Where Can I See My Spotify Statistics?

There are a few places an artist or a record label can see their Spotify statistics. Firstly, you can check out your Spotify for Artists for real time statistics across your discography – which includes…

How to use smart links to drive fans to your music

Smart links are a fantastic way to share multiple links in one well laid out landing page. Use to create fan links for free. Our partner site provides three key tools designed to…

Tencent Music’s Q3 financial results show 51.7 million paying subscribers

Image credit: Tencent Music Chinese technology conglomerate Tencent release revenue and subscriber numbers for music streaming service Tencent Music Entertainment. Tencent Music Entertainment Group published their Q3 2020 results last Tuesday, showing statistics from the…