Feb’s new take on ‘Last Night A DJ Saved My Life’ is feeling the love on NetEase

We’re loving this brand new version of a classic and we’re not the only ones spinning Feb’s modern update of ‘Last Night A DJ Saved My Life’ on repeat.

We always love seeing a release getting featured and listeners around the world getting behind a track that’s come through us. Featuring the amazing vocals of Lexie, this re-imagining of a club classic has had us all up, dancing, and ready for the return of parties this summer.

We were thrilled to see it featured all over NetEase this week, one of China’s biggest homes for music with over 300 million users. The track has been featured all over NetEase’s new release sections so that new listeners can discover the magic of the track and we can see why!

The track is hot and as we approach the summer so are the days. This stellar re-imagining of some classic house is just the elixir we needed to get us even more excited than before about a summer that promises the return of gigs, venues, and dancing around to great tunes once more!

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