Image Credit: Spotify

Uploading songs to Spotify is easy and free, once you know how.

Can I upload songs to Spotify? The answer is yes – with a bit of help from a distributor like RouteNote.

You don’t need a record deal to put your songs on Spotify. As an independent artist, you can use a digital music distributor who will upload your tracks to the streaming service for you.

Enter RouteNote. We help artists put their songs on Spotify and all the other big streaming services and stores the world over – for free.

We believe in giving the power back to independent artists, so everyone has the chance to get their music heard. No big record label taking an unfair cut, no complicated contracts.

Earn money every time someone streams your songs, and keep 85% of the revenue; or you can sign up to our Premium tier and keep 100% of royalties for a small fee. You’re always in total control of your music.

With RouteNote distribution:
  • Keep 85% of all revenue – 100% if a Premium artist
  • Free royalty splitting
  • Keep ownership of all your songs
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  • YouTube Content ID protection and social media monetisation, earning you money when your songs are used on posts on the platforms
  • Free UPCs/EANs and ISRCs
  • Discover promotional tools to market your music
  • Choose exactly which streaming platforms and stores to upload your music to – or all of them – with no extra charges
  • Friendly support team
  • No commitment necessary. You can move distributor, change stores, switch between Free and Premium and back, with no complicated contract to escape

Upload music to Spotify for free with RouteNote today and start making money from your songs.