Apple “courageously” decide to remove the headphone jack from the new iPhone, a decision that has been criticised almost as much as their ridiculous wireless ‘Airpods’.

Looking towards the future, or looking for a way to make users pay even more in accessories and replacement headphones, Apple revealed with the announcement of the next iPhone that it wouldn’t feature an aux jack input. As you’d expect this decision received a massive amount of criticism as it was deemed unnecessary and made nearly all wired headphones, earphones and speakers using aux redundant without annoying adaptors.

As if that wasn’t enough Apple then revealed their Airpods, wireless ear-buds for your iPhone. Now it wouldn’t be so ridiculous except that Apple are charging $160 for a pair and the two buds are roughly the size of your fingertip, resulting in the new easiest way to lose $160 down a drainpipe. Oh and also they make you look bloody ridiculous.

Apple AirPods wireless earphones

As if to prove how terribly the Airpods were designed multiple third-party products have launched since to solve the Airpods obvious issues. One company designed a strap that attached the two earbuds together so that you don’t have to constantly worry about your expensive wireless earphones by just… adding a wire. Elsewhere 3D printing company M3D designed a pair of earrings with a basket to catch Airpods when they fall from your ear. So yeah…

Now, to the dismay of none I imagine, Apple have pushed the release of their Airpods forward again. Originally set to launch in October Apple eventually announced they were delaying the launch due to “high demand”. Then there were rumours that they would release in late November – early December. Then Apple changed the shipping date this week to 19-22nd of December before almost immediately pushing it back to, as their website states, 6 weeks from now.

Apple haven’t announced an exact date, assumably because they’re having trouble creating enough thanks to the “high demand”. It’s also not clear whether the Airpods can be bought in Apple Stores or exclusively online and, thanks to the limited quantities caused by “exceedingly high demand“, if you buy one now you don’t even know when the launch is let alone when you might get one if they’ve all apparently sold out.

However if it’s true and Apple Airpods really are selling out and causing a delay due to popularity then congratulations to them, Apple just duped another wave of people out of their money. Oh well at least the new iPhone will be thinner without the headphone jack, aye?