5 tips to engage with fans on SoundCloud and beyond

Engaging with your fans is crucial to building a following and right now it can be more important than ever.

It’s hard to connect with your fans when both you and them are stuck at home with no gigs to perform. But thanks to the internet, we can all stay in touch and depending on how creative you are now could even be a better time than any other to start connecting with your audience and engaging them in your music more.

SoundCloud, being the lovely hub of independent music breeding artists online that they are, have presented 5 different ways that they recommend engaging with your followers to keep them engaged with you whilst lockdown and social distancing keeps us apart.

  • Refine your sound: Make sure you’re putting in the work and have a vision. Hone your skills and figure out what you want your sound to be. Over time, people will take notice, and they’ll be that much more excited to listen or work with you if they understand what you’re all about.
  • Tell your story: It’s easy to fall victim to trends or make music you think people will want to listen to. However, the best way to find your tribe is to be yourself. It may seem scary to speak from the heart rather than lean on common themes, but the more unique your story, the more your community will gravitate toward you.  
  • Get out there: While shows, events and other social gatherings give you a surefire way to plug into your scene and to network face-to-face, right now you can find digital ways to do that. Start following local venues or gather other artists in your town to put on a livestream; before you know it, you could find your next band member, tour opener or manager and be building your community – even from behind a screen.
  • Data is your friend: No matter how popular you are, connecting with your fans will take trial and error. Luckily, data (like SoundCloud’s stats tab) can remove a lot of the guesswork. Review your song stats early and often so you can meet fans where they are with the content they enjoy the most.
  • Be consistent with your content: As an artist, the content you share is your best mode of advertising. You never know who will share your next video or bring a friend to your upcoming show. So your best bet is to create, collaborate and share often to keep fans, potential team members and future collaborators coming back to your page.

These tips are extracted from their ‘The Power of Community’ video on YouTube. It’s a great watch, discussing and covering the importance of your audience and connecting with them to make them feel appreciated and recognised – rather than a faceless following. Check it out below.

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