YouTube’s back on Amazon Echo Show with Vimeo and Dailymotion

The new Echo Show brings video to your home speaker and now you can stream YouTube on it, again.

The new Amazon¬†Echo Show introduced a screen to the wave of new smart home speakers coming out since the original Echo took the world by storm.¬†Despite seeming a perfect fit for YouTube, Google removed their video streaming site from the Show a couple of months ago. Now it’s back.

Back in September Google dropped YouTube from the Echo saying that it’s integration of their video site violated their terms of service. Reportedly the layout didn’t fit YouTube’s terms for an app on a third-party device. Now they’ve redesigned the app on Echo Show so that it looks more similar to the web version and has thus returned.

It was a fairly damaging move for the Show as it’s screen, whilst cool, doesn’t add many more exciting possibilities to the speaker video calling and watching videos. YouTube being the biggest video streaming site in the world it’s a big addition to any video capable device.

Whilst it’s great to see YouTube back on the Echo Show apparently it’s not working as smoothly as it used to. Users are citing the fact that videos don’t open in full screen straight away as an annoyance, and making it full screen is a hassle as you have to ask Alexa to do it.

Whilst YouTube returning is the news highlight, Amazon have also integrated 2 of the other biggest video sites in the world to the Show. Vimeo and DailyMotion were both announced to have been added to the Echo Show for all your viewing pleasure.

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