A quarter of YouTube viewer hours are spent on music – around 250 million hours of music globally per day

A YouTube exec says that 25% of all watch time is now attributable to music, totalling around 250 million hours of daily music on YouTube.

YouTube Shorts currently pulls in over 15 billion views per day

YouTube’s vertically scrolling, horizontal, short-form video sharing TikTok competitor gets more than 15 billion views per day.

YouTube reports $7 billion in ad revenue – Q2 2021 earnings

Parent company Alphabet reports on YouTube’s quarterly earnings. At an all-time high, up 84% year-over-year, YouTube exceeded projections.

YouTube made over $6 billion in ad revenues in Q1 2021, up almost 50% YoY

YouTube’s parent company Alphabet shows the video streaming platform made over $6 billion from ads in the first quarter of 2021 alone.

YouTube generated over $5 billion in ad revenue in Q3 2020 alone

YouTube and Google’s parent company Alphabet’s recent earnings call revealed YouTube generated $5.04bn from ad revenue in a single quarter. Between July and September, YouTube generated $5.04 billion in ads. This is up $1.2bn on…

YouTube reveals over 30 million paying YouTube Music and Premium subscribers in Q3 2020

During YouTube and Google’s parent company Alphabet’s latest earnings call, it was revealed YouTube Music and Premium have over 30m paying subscribers. YouTube announced 15 million global subscribers (including free trials) in May last year,…

TikTok’s parent company ByteDance generated $17bn in 2019, more than YouTube’s ad-revenue

Chinese owned company ByteDance, owner of TikTok and (Chinese equivalent app) Douyin generated $17 billion in 2019. The report comes from Bloomberg, with an additional stat of over $3bn in annual net profit. $17bn is…

YouTube Premium & YouTube Music hit 20 million paying users

Alphabet CEO (Google’s parent company) Sundar Pichai announce YouTube’s latest milestones regarding their premium services. As of Q4 2019, YouTube Premium and YouTube Music have gained a combined total of 20 million subscribers. Whilst Spotify…

In 2019 YouTube made 9x what Google paid for it

YouTube have made Alphabet (Google’s parent) a very happy bunny with $15 billion in advertising revenue made in the last year alone. It’s been 14 years since Google bought YouTube, now both owned by their…

Google are trying to turn screens into speakers with their new startup Redux

Google have quietly snapped up a new startup that is turning screens into speakers on devices like smartphones and tablets. Google have bought a UK startup that is developing some pretty fascinating tech. Though they…