Audioshake uses A.I. to separate a mix-down into stems

With a single audio file, Audioshake uses artificial intelligence to isolate the vocals, drums, guitar, bass and other instruments.

Can companies now buy AI that powers TikTok?

ByteDance’s new division BytePlus is reportedly selling TikTok’s artificial intelligence technology to other companies. Does that mean anyone can now use the magic TikTok algorithm?

AI-powered personalized beats app AiMi receives an overhaul

AiMi 2.0 gives the app an entirely new interface and drops the subscriptions. You set the mood and the app will learn what music you love.

“New” Nirvana and Amy Winehouse songs released – created by an AI

Lost Tapes of the 27 Club uses AI to create an album of songs that the artists never had the chance to write, to draw attention to music’s mental health crisis.

This RouteNote artist’s music video was generated using AI and 50,000 album covers

The AI was trained to create an album cover from 50,000 examples taken from Spotify. The result was a trippy music video.

Grimes and Endel launch their AI-powered focus/relax app on Android

Previously released on iOS, technology company Endel, in partnership with Canadian musician and visual artist Grimes, have brought their relaxing app to Android.

There’s An AI That Will Judge Your Spotify

Get ready to have your whole musical world shattered by this judgemental AI.

djay Pro AI for Mac with support for Apple’s new M1 chip

Image credit: Algoriddim The latest update to the djay Mac app with Neural Mix brings new features as well as support for new Apple Silicon-powered Macs. If benchmarks of the new Apple M1 chip are…

This online AI tool writes lyrics from your keywords

Keyword2lyrics is a new free site that generates custom song lyrics from your random keywords using artificial intelligence. A fun tool to play with if you’re struggling with quarantine creativity. Head to keyword2lyrics to give…