Audioshake uses A.I. to separate a mix-down into stems

With a single audio file, Audioshake uses artificial intelligence to isolate the vocals, drums, guitar, bass and other instruments.

Can companies now buy AI that powers TikTok?

ByteDance’s new division BytePlus is reportedly selling TikTok’s artificial intelligence technology to other companies. Does that mean anyone can now use the magic TikTok algorithm?

AI-powered personalized beats app AiMi receives an overhaul

AiMi 2.0 gives the app an entirely new interface and drops the subscriptions. You set the mood and the app will learn what music you love.

“New” Nirvana and Amy Winehouse songs released – created by an AI

Lost Tapes of the 27 Club uses AI to create an album of songs that the artists never had the chance to write, to draw attention to music’s mental health crisis.

Pandora are launching Interactive Voice Ads beta

Want to hear more of the Pandora ad? Just reply “Yes” to your phone. Interactive Voice Ads are now launching in beta. In April last year, Pandora showed interest in the idea of interacting with…

Djay update brings Neural Mix to instantly isolate vocals, beats and instruments

No more pre-editing audio tracks, Neural Mix from the Djay app, allows you to isolate vocals, drums and harmonics in real-time without leaving the mix. Algoriddim have recently updated their Djay app on iPhone and…

NetEase have made a large investment in an AI music composer

NetEase, a notable rival to Chinese tech company Tencent, have just made a $1.68 million investment in a new music AI company. NetEase are a China-based company who are most notable for running NetEase Cloud…

The BBC launch Beeb, an underwhelming rival to Alexa

In an attempt to regain some control over how people explore their content online the BBC have launched a voice assistant. Beeb is a new companion for listeners of BBC Radio and… well, not much…

AiMi provides AI generated adjustable electronic beats

AiMi gives listeners an endless stream of adaptable AI driven electronic music. Don’t like what you hear? Switch up the music at the tap of a button. Download and launch the app, and right away…

AI-music tech startup MatchTune sign 15,000 track deal with BMG

MatchTune have signed a deal with advertising and media music provider BMG Production Music to integrate BMG’s catalogue into MatchTune’s library. MatchTune’s software scan the video submitted, as well as the tone and mood desired…