Control your music with the wave of a hand on Google Pixel

Swish and flick! Google make controlling your music playback smoother than ever with new updates.

Google have added a feature that lets you pause your playback simply by waving a hand over your phone. Using Motion Sense listeners don’t need to pick up their phone or even look at it to pause their song or start it again with ease.

Google Pixel devices can already use Motion Sense to skip or go back through tracks. Waving your hand from left to right over the device will skip a song whilst going from right to left goes back a track. Pause and play controls will work with a tapping like gesture from above.

Like so:

On top of playback gestures, Google have added some fun AR effects that callers can use in Duo. These augmented reality effects transform you into bright and colourful characters like a big flower or a dinosaur to lighten up your video calls.

There is also more diversity to emojis bringing a variety of gender and skin tones to the expressive emotes. The power button has been enhanced to make Google Pay even more simple, holding it down means users can now swipe through their different cards, event tickets, and more.

There are also additions to help users customise their Google Pixel to suit them even more. This includes additions to Dark Theme to make it even more convenient.

Find out everything new to Google Pixels here.

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