How to delete a single photo or video from a carousel on Instagram

One of the latest updates to Instagram now allows users to delete individual photos or videos from Feed multi-posts.

Spatial audio updates are coming to Netflix, HomePods and the Apple TV

Netflix are introducing support for the 3D, immersive, surround experience on iOS, as the latest HomePods beta also includes support.

Spotify introduce three new updates to improve accessibility on the mobile app

The new update includes buttons with increased readability features, options for text resizing and a beta for podcast transcriptions.

Spotify update ‘Your Library’ with a new layout and features

The new ‘Your Library’ makes browsing your music and podcasts, faster and easier with search, dynamic filters, sorting, pins and a grid view.

Spotify is now available in 36 new languages on mobile and web

After launching in 85 new markets, Spotify have started rolling out 36 new languages on its music streaming mobile app.

Apple Music adds the ability to share lyrics and music clips on Instagram Stories or iMessage

iOS 14.5 Beta 2 reveals a neat new trick that allows Apple Music users to quickly share lines of lyrics on Instagram Stories.

You can now save individual podcast episodes to your Spotify library

A new feature in Spotify Podcasts allows you to save one individual episode to listen to later, without subscribing to a whole show. Spotify are constantly tweaking their podcast platform to increase listener numbers, and…

German radio station SWR uses AI to tailor music to specific listeners

Südwestrundfunk (SWR) updates their radio station app, including a shuffle feature to intelligently change tracks to your liking. One of Germany’s most popular radio stations SWR update their radio app. Alongside the usual rewind and…

Overcast’s beta update show which podcasts are tracking you

Podcast player app Overcast’s new transparency feature shows what services podcasts use to serve ads and track listners. This is the first major podcast platform we’ve seen implement this feature. You can’t opt out of…

Google Nest update makes multi-room audio easier

You no longer need to create speaker groups to control music and podcasts throughout the house. Start streaming audio to multiple speakers with a tap. Prior to the new update, multi-room audio was possible via…