Taylor Swift is Spotify’s top artist for 2023. With 26.1 billion streams in 2023 so far, how much are her Spotify earnings?

2023 has been a hell of a year for Swift. The pop star has topped the artist lists across the board with billions of streams and sales, despite not even releasing a completely new record this year.

Taylor Swift topped Spotify’s most-streamed artists of 2023 last week with 26.1 billion streams since January 1st. With even more of the year left, she’s on track to reach 27.2 billion streams by the end of the year, reckons Billboard.

Her record year didn’t come without some new releases though. Whilst not coming out with an entirely new record, a ‘Til Dawn’ edition of last year’s Midnights dropped early in the year. She also released two re-recorded versions of her older albums as ‘Taylor’s version’ records.

How much did Taylor Swift earn in 2023?

Based on Billboard’s Royalty Calculator, Taylor Swift’s 26.1 billion streams are worth around $97 million. That puts her on track to cross $100 million by the end of the year.

Billboard released their Royalty Calculator last month, though any estimates must be taken with a pinch of salt. Equivalent royalties earned vary from stream to stream, depending on the territory of the listener and whether they are a Free or Premium user.

Taylor was named the highest earner in 2011. Now she’s estimated to be earning roughly triple her 2011 year’s earnings on a single service alone. Who knows how well she could do next year if she releases an entirely new, original album.

Whilst Taylor has had a huge year, she doesn’t take the top spot for overall streams on Spotify. Swift is actually third for overall streams, with nearly 65 billion (!) streams at last report. Second place was taken by Bad Bunny, the king of Latin music whose hit Despacito shot him into legendary status.

The very top spot on Spotify for all-time streams is Drake. The man who somehow still can was approaching 69 billion (!!) streams at the time of the last report. Drake regains the top spot after Bad Bunny overtook him in a phenomenal 2022 for the artist.

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