Apple have launched a new ad campaign to promote their questionable new AirPods featuring music from brilliant UK artists; The 1975, Craig David and Lianne La Havas.

The UK has received 3 new adverts for the AirPods uploaded on Apple’s YouTube channel for the United Kingdom. The ads feature music notated by AirPods scrolling across the screen, styled to fit a theme relating to the artist and might make you forget about how ridiculous the AirPods are long enough to buy a pair.

The ads, named simply ‘Notes’ debuted in the US last month alongside an ad campaign for Apple Watches. The 3 ads each feature a snippet of songs by The 1975, Craig David and Lianne La Havas with the AirPod’s teardrop shape making up a notated piece of music on a musical staff, kind of. Whilst the notes may be accurate I don’t think they’re trying to teach anyone how to play 15 seconds of a song.

You can watch the ads below featuring ‘Heart Out’ by The 1975, ‘Green & Gold’ by Lianne La Havas, and ‘When the Bassline Drops’ by Craig David:

These new ads appear to be part of a regional campaign Apple are undertaking, with focussed ads targeted at specific audiences. A report from earlier this week suggests that Apple have recently cut their marketing budget to try the new strategy.

As Apple continue to promote their AirPods before their launch, which has been delayed twice, the controversy surrounding them seems to have died down. So I thought I’d just help to remind everyone that these “wireless earphones” cost $160, make you look daft and are incredibly good at slipping down small spaces.

In the wake of the ridiculous products announcement a bunch of third-party companies found ways to make AirPods useable like an earring with a basket to catch them when they fall out of your ear, and a wire to secure your, uhh…. wireless earphones.