If you’ve received a claim from us on YouTube then you may be wondering why, what’s it for, and how you can dispute it. Here we’ll clear up any questions you might have about our YouTube claims.

What is the claim?

We use YouTube’s Content ID system to detect any audio in videos that creators have may have copyrighted through us. A YouTube claim from us will be to monetise the audio used in your video.

We do not make copyright strikes and so any claim from us will not affect your channel in any way or count towards the possibility of losing your channel.

Why have I been claimed?

If you have a Content ID claim from us on YouTube then it is highly likely that YouTube has picked up music in your video which the artist has asked us to claim on their behalf. In fact, you may even have been claimed for your own music if you use us for Content ID.

In very rare cases, you may receive a false claim that doesn’t actually apply to the audio in your video. Head to the Dispute section for more information on how to handle this.

What does this mean?

Your video and channel will not be affected. A Content ID simply redirects the ad revenue from the video to the artist under YouTube’s music licensing terms.

This means that you’re more than welcome to use the music in your video. This can also help artists to monetise their own music they have on YouTube, by using our Content ID system so that we can monetise on their behalf and send them the earnings.

Can I remove the claim?

If you have permission to use the music from the artist or rightsholder without providing them the monetisation of your video then you can dispute the claim on YouTube.

You can also dispute the claim if you feel that it is incorrect for any reason or if you are the original artist.


If you’d like to dispute a Content ID claim then these are the actions you need to take.

  1. Sign in to YouTube Studio.
  2. From the left-hand menu, select Content and find your video.
  3. In the ‘Restrictions’ column, hover over ‘Copyright claim’ and click SEE DETAILS.
  4. Click SELECT ACTIONS and then Dispute.

When you file a dispute please include your reasoning for disputing it so that our team can look into the claim and see if it is valid or not. Once we’ve been able to review the claim we will release it if your dispute is found to be legitimate.

If you’d like to get your music on our Content ID system so that any uses of your tracks on YouTube are covered and you’re able to earn from plays then head to www.routenote.com where you can add your music for free.