A new plugin from Zynaptiq that can eradicate the sound of World Cup horns on TV Broadcasts changes the sound of football for thousands.

After complaints coming in from many football fans that the sound of loud horns at matches is too noisy, the tech company Zynaptiq have come to the rescue. They have created a new plugin that can be used across any broadcasting networks allowing them to cancel out the sound of the horns.

The 2018 World Cup has so far been a joyous celebration of the sport and all that it involves. However the sound of horns being blasted by fans is one of the few annoyances of the sport and so with this new plugin fans are able to watch the games with peace of mind, and ears.

The Zynaptiq plugin is already in action on Denmark’s TV2 with much success. Jens Lyd, Sound Engineer at TV2 said “We were getting complaints about the compressor horns being too dominant in the audio of our FIFA World Cup transmissions, and there really wasn’t a lot that could be done about that with traditional tools. So we contacted Zynaptiq – and within days, they provided an easy-to-use solution that quite simply completely fixed the issue for us.” 

Zynaptiq GmbH are an audio software company based in Hanover, Germany and are well known for their UNVEIL de-reverberator which allows users to de-mix tracks, change the reverb on mixed tracks and boost sound quality of live music performances. Zynaptiq also have a host of other plugins designed to increase the audio quality of live and mixed performances.

Any broadcaster can get their hands on this horn suppressing software by heading to the Zynaptiq website and applying for a FREE 3-month World Cup Horn Suppressor License. This software is easy to use and FREE, why wouldn’t you want to get your hands on it?!