RouteNote can help you upload your music to stores and streaming service for free, to share you music worldwide and start earning revenue.

Distributing your music to stores and streaming services around the world such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, Tidal and many more is free, quick and easy for everyone with RouteNote.

How to upload music on RouteNote

  1. Login to RouteNote.
  2. Go to DistributionCreate New Release.
  3. If you have a UPC, enter it here. If not, leave it blank and we’ll generate one for you for free. In Release Title enter the album/single title.
  4. You’ll see four options to the left: Album Details, Add Audio, Add Artwork and Manage Stores. You can complete these in any order.
  5. In Album Details fill out all the metadata for the release such as artist name, genres, language, copyright info, release date and time, etc.
  6. In Add Audio, upload your tracks. MP3s must be 320kbps/44.1kHz or upload FLACs at 44.1kHz. You can upload 15 tracks per session. If you need more, come back here again later. Once all tracks are uploaded, on the next page enter your artist name. If there are any other artists, a title version or you’d like to enter your own ISRC code, you can enter these here too.
  7. Add Artwork is where you upload you album art. It must be 3000 x 3000 pixels, less than 25MB, RGB colour space and a JPG. You can find more about what shouldn’t be in your artwork here.
  8. Click Manage Stores to choose which stores and streaming services to send your music to. If you’d like to include or exclude specific territories, add them below. If you’d like you release to be distributed worldwide, leave this section blank.
  9. Once you’ve completed all four sections, make sure everything looks good, then click the tick box at the top of the page and choose Distribute Free or Distribute Premium. Free distribution costs nothing and artists keep 85% of the revenue. Premium distribution costs a small fee for 100% of the revenue.

Now your release is done, it’ll be sent to our moderation team who will check it’s looking and sounding its best. You’ll receive an email if it’s approved or if further changes are required. Once approved we’ll send you work to our partner stores who’ll publish the release a few days later.

With your music out in the world, it’s time to start promoting it. Check out our partner site for free marketing tools.