How to set an exact release date and time for your music on digital services

Upload your music through RouteNote and you can specify the exact time you want your release to go live.

What’s the best day to release music?

You want to give your new music the best possible chance of success, so make sure you pick a good day to release your songs on streaming services.

Spotify officially launch Car Thing, their in-car music and podcast player

After years of prototyping and leaks, Spotify finally announce Car Thing, their smart player for the car, and it’s free… sort of.

Xbox officially announce Series S design and pricing, plus leaked specs and release date

Last night, information on the cutdown/cheaper next generation Xbox Series S leaked, with design and pricing oficially confirmed by Xbox this morning. We know almost everything there is to know about the flagship next generation…

Apple Over-Ear headphones, AirPods X 2020: what to expect

Apple have been rumoured to be working on their own pair of over-ear headphones for a few months now, but what will they be called, what features can we expect to see, what will they…

How to set the Original Release Date when I upload my music to RouteNote

When you’re creating your release you need to ensure that you set your Original Release Date correctly so that it can make it onto stores. When releasing new music with RouteNote you have the option…

How to make sure your music is uploaded before the Holidays 2017

The holidays are upon us and that means some changes to our schedule for uploading your music as we get ready for a small festive break to get us rared up for another year of…