Vevo Integrating Spotify, YouTube and Twitter For Personalised Feeds

Music video giants Vevo are making it even easier to personalise your streams and adding your tastes from Spotify, Twitter, and YouTube.

Vevo are adding personalised streams to their mobile apps so you can follow your favourite artists and keep up to date with their releases. When you sign up you will be asked to select some artists that you like.

With your preferences selected Vevo will generate a feed of artists they think you’ll like so you can discover music old and new, tuned to your taste.

Also new in the update is integration with Spotify, Twitter and YouTube. This means can you link any of your accounts on these services with your Vevo app and it will find the artists you like on these platforms to assist your recommendations.

The more you use Vevo and your accounts on other platforms the more refined your curated feed becomes, as it updates your recommendations as you like artists in real-time.

The new features are coming to Android first with an update for iOS update expected sometime within the next week.

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