Have you ever wanted to stream music through multiple sources wirelessly? With the new Hub from ekko you can stream with up to 10 outputs.

Wireless music streaming is becoming commonplace, with the popularity of speaker systems like Sonos and streaming device Chromecast. A new Kickstarter from tech company ekko aims to change the game with ‘Hub’, a system that acts as an audio streaming hub from which you can add up to 10 outputs. Using individual wireless discs each user has control over their listening experience.

Using wi-fi, the Hub lets you stream audio in real-time to multiple sources whilst retaining the quality of the audio. Using auxiliary outputs the potential is great, whether you want to stream music through multiple speakers, watch a movie with your friends when it’s late, listen closely to music through headphones with others. Each receiver on the Hub even has it’s own settings so you can listen at different volumes or even mute whilst others continue listening.

If you’re a total audiophile ekko has a mobile app from which you can fine tune your settings for your preferred listening experience and even access streaming services to stream to Hub with. For the parents you can set volume limits to prevent your kids from blowing up their earholes watching Transformers. With the app you can even control all outputs, so if you’re streaming in various rooms for a party you can make sure each room is tuned how you want it.

The hub comes in two different models, a 4-user model and a 2-user model. They can be connected together for up to 10 output sources but for most 4 should suffice. Here’s all of ekko Hub’s most important features:

ekko Hub


You can donate to ekko’s Kickstarter now to help the Hub become reality and also to get an exclusive discount and early products. Head here to find out more: www.kickstarter.com/projects/ekkowifi/hub-by-ekko-the-first-hi-fi-wi-fi-hub-for-headphon