Two Notes Audio Engineering’s new Genome channel strip plugin is designed to shape guitar and bass tones with innovative features and powerful engines.

With Genome, Two Notes Audio Engineering has raised the bar for guitar channel strip plugins. Genome provides plenty of tools for tonal shaping with a neat user interface and a suite of features.

Two Notes Audio Engineering Genome

Genome, powered by Two Notes’ proprietary CODEX, TSM Amplifier, DynIR Cabinet, and PEDAL engines, offers a comprehensive suite of tools for tonal sculpting.

You’ll find amplifier and pedal emulations; studio effects and virtual cabinets inside Genome, providing you with everything you need to craft your ideal guitar sound.

Genome’s user interface augments the experience, expertly crafted to cater to the needs of the modern guitarist.

Its clean, guitar-centric layout offers many intuitive controls for dialling in your tone while keeping your focus on the creative process by keeping everything streamlined, avoiding an interface cluttered with parameters.

Genome features

  • CODEX Unification Engine: Real-time playback of AI-generated amplifier and pedal models, compatible with Neural Amp Modeller (NAM), AIDA-X, and Proteus captures.
  • Tube-Stage Modeling (TSM) Engine: Twelve pristine preamp models and four tube power amp models with various configurations for authentic tube amp emulation.
  • Hyper-realistic PEDAL Engine: Extensive library of overdrive, distortion, delay, and modulation pedals for creating signature guitar tones.
  • Comprehensive STUDIO FX Arsenal: Studio-quality compressor, EQ, delay, reverb, and more for refining your sound.
  • Class-leading DynIR Engine: Complete control over 600+ virtual guitar and bass cabinets, studio-grade microphones, and recording environments.
  • Dual-Lanes for Effortless Parallel Processing: Optional feature for seamless parallel processing and enhanced creativity.

Price and availability

Genome is available to buy now for $79.99, available in VST3, AU and AAX plugin formats for Windows & Mac systems.

I think Two Notes is offering exceptional value with extensive features and versatility. Purchase from Plugin Boutique or the Two Notes store.