The first unboxings, hands-on, impressions, demos and reviews have started dropping for Apple’s first VR headset.

Reviewers have had access to the new Apple Vision Pro for around a week. With embargos lifting, reviews have just started be posted online. These videos and articles are the first look we’ve had at the product outside of Apple.

The Vision Pro is Apple’s first AR/VR headset, which they’re marketing as a “spatial computing” device. In the video below, Marques Brownlee unboxes the Vision Pro, ZEISS lenses and Travel Case. Vision Pro comes with a number of accessories in the box, including two bands, a cover, cushion, battery, polishing cloth and charger. The Vision Pro itself starts at $3499 and goes up to $3899 for the 1TB model. The optional ZEISS Optical Inserts are $99 for the readers and $149 for prescription lenses. The optional Travel Case is $199.

Apple Vision Pro goes on sale February 2 on and in stores. You can pre-order the device here. If you want more Vision Pro content, check out The Verge’s video here.