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Wondering if it’s worth trying to build a Twitter following for your music? Unsure where to begin? Check out these insights from Twitter Marketing.

Marketing music on social media can feel like hard work. Artists and labels need a cross-platform presence, and that means figuring out different strategies for different apps. To lend a hand from their corner of the internet, Twitter Marketing has gathered some useful information about marketing music on Twitter.

Aimed at brands, the report nevertheless had some interesting points and stats for artists and labels to take in. And as a modern artist, you should be thinking of your music as a brand anyway! Read on to see what Twitter Marketing has to say about the state of music on Twitter.

Is Twitter a good place for music artists to connect with fans?

Twitter is all about conversations, and, yes, Music Twitter is a big community. From 2021 to 2022 music fans were responsible for a billion Tweets, coming from over 20 million authors.

Even a fraction of that is a big audience to tap into, to share your tracks and chat about your music and the wider music scene.

What music trends should I follow?

To tap into the music audience on Twitter, start by paying attention to trending events throughout the year. Jump in on the conversation, even if it doesn’t seem directly related to your own music. Because, of course, by Tweeting about what’s trending, you’re hopping onto an already engaged audience.

We’re talking notable album drops, and big moments in the musical calendar. For example, the top events from 2021 to 2022 by Twitter impressions were Spotify Wrapped, the release of Drake’s album Certified Lover Boy, the VMAs, and the Super Bowl Halftime Show.

Equally, music industry award shows are always a busy time on Twitter. First everybody speculates what the results will be, then comes the live Tweeting on results night… and subsequent arguments about the worthiest winners.

Top music award shows on Twitter
1 Grammys
2 VMAs
3 AMAs
4 BET Awards
5 Billboard Music Awards
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Interact however you want during awards season, even if its trashing celebrity outfits, and see if you get an uptick in mentions and follows.

Which music fans are the most active on Twitter?

Posting half the total Tweets, under-25s are the ones Tweeting the most about music. If Gen Z is the target audience for your music, you’re in the right place.

Listed by the number of Tweet authors, the top five most popular music genres on Twitter are:

  1. Rap – 7.30 million
  2. Hip-Hop 7.27 million
  3. Pop 6.04 million
  4. Rock 4 million
  5. R&B/Soul 2.96 million

If you deal in any of those genres, especially Rap or Hip-Hop, Twitter is a great place to gain new fans. And if you don’t, Twitter Marketing says, “If you’re looking for album releases, festivals, or other cultural events to connect with a specific audience, count on these genres to draw the most fans.”

Read more insights from Twitter Marketing here. There’s currently very little scope for monetising your music on Twitter, which unlike YouTube doesn’t have a Content ID system; though the platform has played around with monetisation tools like Tip Jar, Ticketed Spaces and Super Follows aimed at encouraging users to donate. So using the app as a way to shout out about your music, network, and interact with fans is your best bet as an artist or label owner.

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