TikTok’s new features are designed to give parents control over how their young ones use the app including limits to how much time they can spend on it.

TikTok have added new controls for parents on their mobile apps. The new family safety mode lets parents set limits for how long their youngsters can use the app to ensure they aren’t getting sucked in by the massively popular new social platform too much.

Other additions to protect children and teenagers allow parents to control who can send messages to the account. There is also a new content restriction feature that allows the content that is shown and available to be controlled to prevent videos that might be inappropriate for younger audiences popping up.

TikTok’s new safety features comes as conversations spark around the world about the safety of children and teens on the internet. Following a legal controversy YouTube have made some major changes to how their content works to ensure kids a safe experience.

TikTok has become a massive craze around the world, particularly with younger users but also people of all age. They claim that 400 million people use the app and the Chinese version Douyin every day whilst over 1.5 billion people have downloaded the app.