Getting your music heard around the world in the 21st century is incredibly easy and when you use RouteNote it’s free too! Here are the best places to get your music heard around the world online.


Spotify are without a doubt the most recognised music streaming service – they’re basically synonymous with the idea of unlimited music streaming online. They have over 200 million listeners on their service listening to music on Premium or on their free tier.

They’ve built their reputation by being one of the first to offer the entire world’s catalogue of music to everyone as well as offering high quality playlists with millions of followers and working with loads of companies to make unlimited music streaming as readily available as possible wherever you are.

Apple Music

Apple have a long history in trailblazing digital music hosting the world’s favourite digital download site, iTunes, for over 15 years. With the incredible rise in music streaming popularity Apple decided to join the bandwagon in 2015 with Apple Music.

Since their launch Apple have become one of the biggest contenders in music streaming often being cited as the biggest rival to Spotify for the crown of Western music streaming. Apple Music’s latest numbers from December put them at 56 million subscribers. Apple Music don’t offer a free tier for their service so compared to Spotify’s 80 million paying subscribers they are very close.


Kanjian are a Chinese streaming service and aggregator, working with China’s top services to fill their platforms with music from around the world. They distribute to 18 of China’s top stores and streamers including the massively popular QQ Music, Kugou, and Kuwo who together proudly boast over 800 million monthly active users.


SoundCloud are renowned amongst independent artists from all around the world spanning every genre possible thanks to their completely open and free platform allowing people to share their music with anyone, simply. In recent years they have expanded to build a premium music streaming service into their website whilst continuing to expand it’s catalogue of user-uploaded music around the world.

We offer a free to join SoundCloud Network that upgrades your account for unlimited uploads as well as letting you monetise your music so you get paid for every listen.


Recently India’s two largest music services, JioMusic and Saavn, combined to become one. Now JioSaavn respresent the biggest music service in India and one of the largest in the world offering up on-demand access to music to over 250 million users.

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