Spotify are offering Car Thing, their in-car music and podcast player, to more people on the waitlist for $79.99.

Spotify officially launched their first hardware product in April earlier this year. Car Thing is the real name of their in-car player that gives you easy access to music, news, entertainment, talk and more on the road. With touch, physical and voice control options, Spotify’s Car Thing is designed to work alongside an existing infotainment system.

Spotify are now expanding their limited U.S. release of Car Thing to more people on the waitlist. Car Thing still requires a Premium subscription, either Individual, Family, Duo or Student, and a paired smartphone for data. Unfortunately the device is no longer free to those chosen on the waitlist. If selected, you will be able to purchase Car Thing for $79.99, which is worth doing regardless of whether you plan on using it, as the resale value is currently much higher. Anyone, Free and Premium users, can sign up to the waitlist here. Spotify says they are continuing to improve the device via software updates.